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Popular stores, Top Brands and how to find what you need on AliExpress.

By Posted Jan. 11, 2021

AliExpress is a big e-commerce platform where you can buy almost everything you want for the best price. You can spend hours surfing different stores and reading comments but there is a better way to find what you need.

Ugreen Official Store
Positive feedback 99%
Create date 02/02/2010
Rating 4.9
Rated by 400 245
View store
BASEUS Official Store
Positive feedback 97.8%
Create date 08/01/2016
Rating 4.8
Rated by 292 570
View store
Rosalind Official Store
Positive feedback 95.7%
Create date 07/03/2017
Rating 4.7
Rated by 266 979
View store

Above you can see the list of best sellers stores which we recommed to use while you buy on AliExpress. These stores are ordered by rating from real people. The best sellers are most popular products you can find on AliExpress. Hundreds and Thousands of sold items and user reviews are giving you garantee of buying a quality products.

Customer reviews
Figure 1. Customer reviews.

You should always base your decision on the Customer Reviews. The more 5 Stars the better. Look for items that have at least 80% 5 Stars rating. It will save you some time and money. If you see more than 5-10% of the 1, 2 or 3 Stars reviews you better should find another store. You don’t want to be in these 5%, right ?

Can I trust the AliExpress stores ?

It depends. There are so many sellers that you might go crazy searching for the desired item. Tons of comments won’t give you the clear view on the products you’re looking for. That’s why you need to be careful and go for AliExpress Top Brands.

Top Brands are the top-rated stores you can ever find on AliExpress. Note that when you’re buying from these stores you can be sure that you’re buying from the authorised reseller or the brand itself.

How do I find Top Brand on AliExpress ?

You don’t need to do anything, we did everything for you. Here are the list of the AliExpress Top Brands: Top Brands

Brand list
Figure 2. Brand list.

The brands here are easy to navigate because they are sorted by categories. You can find Consumer Electronics, Women’s clothing, Automobiles & Security and many more.

If you often buy similar products recommend you to visit the stores with positive feedback and many follows. It will guarantee a safe purchase from AliExpress.

Store view
Figure 3. Store view.

Also, the easiest way to find a good seller or the store is to use filters. At the top of the category page you’ll see the grey section with the red stars. If you want to buy quality items you’ll need to select more than 4 stars & up.

Figure 4. Filters.

Select the Ship from to get the faster delivery because delivery time may vary a lot based on the shipping country.

How to find the best value for money when there are so many products ?

You should navigate to the main page and scroll down to see what AliExpress can offer. They use smart algorithms that are based on your previous search history and show you products you’ll be definitely interested in.

For example this section “Stores You’ll Love”. You can view more and see a lot of interesting and cheap products you’ll want to buy right away.

Stores you'll love
Figure 5. Stores you'll love.

Or the Flash Deals which will provide you best value for money products with a good rating and a huge discounts.

Flash deals
Figure 6. Flash deals.

You can recognize Flash Deals by these red banners located near the product. It will guarantee you a lowest price in some time period and limited time discounts which may be very profitable.

Flash deals banner
Figure 7. Flash deals banner.


Use all of the provided AliExpress functionality to be more careful with what and where you’re buying because it will really affect your AliExpress shopping experience.